PROBATE – Notices to Claimants

USEFUL TIP ON PROBATE NOTICES:  This is a useful tip for HLBAR Members from McCary & McCary, P.C.   Recently we had a discussion with The Highlander’s Jessica Haley at regarding Probate Notices.   We had a few questions regarding requirements for publishing and costs.  Ms. Haley took the time to work through those questions with us.   We provided a copy of the Estates Code Section 308.051-052 Required Notice for Presentment of Claims and Proof of Publication which does not specify any size requirements for the notices.  The Newspaper had in the past published for us these notices at the 2 x 4 size in 8 font routinely at $72.00 or cheaper.   We noticed over the last year the prices increasing incrementally.   The Newspaper has its standard which is 10 font for publication and 9 font for legal/public notices.   Since the probate notice is not a legal notice/public notice per se, we requested that the paper honor their previous pricing in order to keep costs to a minimum for those who are in bereavement.   Ms. Haley spoke with her supervisors and had that approved.  Should you wish to publish at the lower cost, you must distinguish your request from other newspaper notices.   Please inform The Highlander that you are publishing a PROBATE NOTICE TO CLAIMANTS under 308.051 NOT A PUBLIC NOTICE and request a 2 x 4 size in 8 FONT which should allow you to obtain a cheaper rate.   Please keep the HLBAR apprised of any challenges you may have in this regard.  Any additional comments are welcome.  Thanks.   Mark & Mandy McCary

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