Update to user profile fields

(this was sent to all users as of 2/7/15 by email)

Some changes have been made to the profiles to add data fields that are searchable, which I believe will give bar members and the public a better capability to find you:

  • Added additional field “Has offices in towns” to list all towns in which you have an office, for you multi-office-types.
  • Added “Practices in counties” field to list all counties in which you focus your practice.
  • Added a profile field to list Board Certified Specializations rather than having to put that in Other Practice Details. That field is not separately searchable as you will have checked off the subject areas.

Only the Board and myself have the ability to create a blog entry on the site.[1. An earlier email stated erroneously that members could blog.]  Member commentary, tips, discussion, etc. will occur in the Tavern Group where it is viewable only by registered and logged in members. Your HLBA Board policy on this is that the blog is for discussion of HLBA business, personal interest to the bar, and the like as may be posted by the officers.

I’m done tinkering with the site for now. I hope the HLBA members find it to be of use.


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