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We are Committed         

to the Bar.

As       a       professional       development opportunity,     each     year,     the     HLBA typically    nominates    two    Delegates    to attend    the    State    Bar    of    Texas,    Bar Leaders    Conference    (BLC) .            This professional    development    opportunity is   always   well   attended   and   presented.     It   gives   rise   to   new   ideas   on   how   to   do business,     networking     for     continuing legal   education   speakers,   and   a   better understanding     of     non-profit     efforts across      the      state.      Typically      the conference    is    held    at    the    Houston Galleria     in    the    month    of    July.           The Conference   is   hosted   by   the   Local   Bar Services    Team .        Conference    details and   schedule   can   be   found   at   the   web link    below.    If    you    are    interested    in attending,    please    contact    the    HLBA Board. E-Mail: localbars@texasbar.com Tel: 800-204-2222

We Remember.         

Those On Our Rolls.

Members    of    the    Highland    Lakes    Bar Association      (HLBA)      remember      the following    attorneys    not    only    for    their service,    but    also    for    their    quick    wit, country   law   values,   honest   demeanor   in the      practice      of      law,      and      most importantly, their charity and friendship.
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We Support Mentorship

to our Next Gen.

The     HLBA     supports     an     annual scholarship   commitment   to   Highland Lakes   Teen   Court.      A   number   of   our most   knowledgeable   HLBA   Attorneys also   provide   high   quality   professional legal    mentorship    for    High    School participants   in   the   program.      Details can be found on the City’s Web Site .
We Recognize.               Those Who Have Served. The    Highland    Lakes    Bar    Association (HLBA)      appreciates      the      uniformed contributions     given     by     the     following Attorney   Veterans   who   now   continue   a life    of    service    in    the    practice    of    law.      These include: Gil Jones, Hon. (USN) Becky Lange (USA) Chuck Lacallade (USA) David P. Yturri (USN) Richard Mock (USMC) Mark E. McCary (USAFR)
Veterans Memorial - Burnet County Courthouse

We Provide

Stewardship & Vision.

The     HLBA     conducts     business consistent     with     TBOC     and     its ByLaws   in   a   professional   manner informally       relying      on      Roberts Rules of parliamentary procedure. Roberts Rules Cheater: HLBA’s Current ByLaws: HLBA’s Legacy ByLaws: The   Board’s   2020   Vision   includes tweaking        the        Bylaws        with language   consistent   with   501(c)3 entities .
ByLaws ByLaws Legacy Legacy Cheater Cheater

We Give Legal Support. 

Disaster Recovery.

HLBA       Attorneys       assisted       with Disaster      Response      for      Severe Weather     Event     2018-0025.          The Association     maintains     a     disaster reserve   and   its   Members   are   capable of   responding   quickly   with   pro   bono   and   paid   skillsets   in   the   event   of   a contingency.
Pecan Valley, MFTX / Severe WX Event 2018-0025
Above: Pecan Valley, 16 Oct 2018 Colorado River, Marble Falls