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There’s   no   rank   among   Members,   but   our   retired/senior   Attorneys   garner   much   esteem.      Generally,   Members   of   our   local   bar consider   each   individual Attorney   with   the   same   level   of   respect.      In   great   practice   tradition;   however,   HLBA   does   recognize   that   that their   are   many   in   our   field   who   have   gained   a   great   deal   of   experience   from   even   younger   years   in   the   Law.      From   this   vantage,   we ascribe   to   the   belief   that   all   Members   learn   something   from   360   degree   viewpoints.      This   collegial   exchange   of   ideas   is   one   of   the reasons that makes our Association great.  Should they choose, Members may utilize these official seals in their advertising.

Our Membership.

The   Highland   Lakes   Bar   Association   (HLBA) is   focussed   on   the   promotion/protection   of   the practice   of   law.   Everyone   who   has   paid   HLBA dues    and    remains    in    good    standing    as    a licensed   Attorney   of   their   State   Bar   is   entitled to    display    credentials    of    Membership    with HLBA.   Membership   calls   for   a   commitment   to Dignity,   Professionalism,   and   Integrity    along with   honest   demeanor   in   the   profession   of   law ( See    also     Country    Lawyers    Creed ).            Our object is the betterment of our community.
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Our Mentors.

Traditionally   Members   of   the   Highland   Lakes Bar   Association    (HLBA)    have    maintained    a strong   commitment   to   professional   dialogue and     the     free     exchange     of     legal     ideas.            Mentors   are   seen   as   those   with   over   15   years of    licensed    legal    experience.        They    are typically     Attorneys     who     have     committed themselves   to   additional   levels   of   service   in the   pro   bono   field,   among   other   community organizations    such    as    Rotary,    Teen    Court, and/or State Bar Committees.
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Our Legacy Members.

The   Highland   Lakes   Bar   Association   (HLBA) is   very   fortunate   to   have   a   high   number   of Legacy    Members    among    its    cadre.       These include     both     former     and     current     District Judges,   County   Judges,   Mediators,   Justices of   the   Peace,   County   Attorneys,   and   senior practitioners.     Legacy     Members     leave     an impact   by   providing   depth   of   knowledge   on both    the    law    and    colllaborative    solutions.      They   often   have   over   twenty-five   to   thirty   (25- 30) years experience   in our profession.
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Continuing Legal

Education (CLE).

As   a   professional   legal   association   accredited by   the   State   Bar’s   Office   of   Continuing   Legal Education   (CLE)   we   are   required   to   host   10 sessions   of   CLE   per   year .       Our   active   and paid   membership   core   generally   meets   every Last   Friday   of   the   month   for   1.25   hours   of CLE.      We   typically   start   of   our   meetings   with approximately    .25    hours    ethics    discussion and    that    entertain    a    wonderful    speaker    on such topics as Digital Ethics .
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Texas License.     

Profiles at TexasBar.com 

HLBA   Attorneys    are    largely    licensed    in    the State   of   Texas.      Many   maintain   accreditation and     training     far     above     what’s     required.       Additionally,    most    have    earned    a    level    of respect   among   their   peers   and   local   citizens commensurate   with   practicing   in   small   town environments.            Should    you    be    seeking    a local Attorney,   we   encouarage   you   to   first   look at   the   local   bar.         Profiles   of   our Attorneys   can be found at TexasBar.com .
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Holiday Social.        

Local Texas Winery.

The    HLBA    Board    typically    hosts    a    Holiday Party   the   first   week   in   December.      For   the   last few   years   we’ve   set   the   tradition   at   a   local winery .          Cocktails   and   refreshments   are   on the   house   for   all   Active   members.      While   the HLBA     is     focused     primarily     on     CLE     and professional        development,        its        Board recognizes   and   is   endeavoring   to   meet   the popular   request   for   more   socials,      Pro   Hac Vice   visits to the Holiday Party are welcome! 
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