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Hill Country Lawyers.

The   Highland   Lakes   Bar   Association   (HLBA) is    a    professional    legal    association    serving lawyers   and   patrons   in   the   Texas   Hill   Country.     The   HLBA   was   formed   over   40+   years   ago.      It was     first     established     with     other     names including   Burnet   County   Bar Association.     The HLBA   exists   now   as   an   informal   Association of   member   Attorneys   from   five   area   counties:     Burnet, Blanco, Llano, Lampasas, San Saba. 

Country Law Values.        

The    purpose    of    the    HLBA    is    to    promote professionalism    in    the    practice    of    law    by providing   Continuing   Legal   Education   (CLE) and   facilitating   collegial   relationships   among Attorneys   in   the   Highland   Lakes   area.      The Association     has     always     maintained     the character    of    being    friendly,    relaxed,    and informal .” Dignity - Professionalism - Integrity.

HLBA Membership.

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Licensed in Good Standing.

We    operate    under    TBOC    §252    as    an Unincorporated       Nonprofit       Association, reference   www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us.    A requirement    for    membership    is    to    be    a licensed Attorney   in   good   standing   with   the State    of    Texas.    Associate    memberships, may   be   maintained   by   Pro   Hac   Vice   and foreign      licensed      attorneys,      and      are considered   by   the      Board   on   a   case   by   a case    bases    with    sponsorship    by    a    paid Member.   

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A Non Profit Concern.

Since   its   inception,   the   HLBA   has   operated in    the    spirit    of    IRS    501(C)6,    and    Texas Business     Organizations     Code     §     2.002 Purposes    of    a    Non-Profit    Entity.        Gross receipts   do   not   exceed   $50,000   annually.        And,   the   HLBA   does   not   solicit   donations but    operates    solely    on    the    contributions and dues of its members.
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