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HLBA Members Contribute to FREE LAW.

Over   the   years,   the   Board   has   noted   that   all   Highland   Lakes   Bar Association   (HLBA)   Members   are committed   to   providing   numerous   hours   of   Pro   Bono    legal   advisement   alongside   their   regular practices.      Often   lawyers   go   to   great   lengths   to   ensure   cases   are   tightened   up   at   great   personal cost   of   extra   time,   energy,   and   effort.         Rates   differ   among   HLBA   attorneys   and   their   firms   for   paid services,   yet,   most   counsel   licensed   in   the   State   of   Texas   are   committed   to   a   high   level   of   pro   bono excellence.      The   HLBA   helps   administer   two   grass   roots   programs   available   to   Highland   Lakes citizens   where   they   can   go   for   pro   bono   advice    (Free   Law).      These   programs   exist   purely   on volunteer Attorneys who give time freely. Remember, you are always welcome to a seond opinion . Lawyers in the Library, Marble Falls. 4:00-6:00, 2d Wed of Each/Month, marblefallslibrary.org. (REMEMBER TO CHECK THE LIBRARY CALENDAR) Lawyers in the Library, Spicewood.

(NO LONGER ACTIVE spicewoodlibrary.org.)

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HLBA    Attorneys     regularly     support State     Pro     Bono      efforts     not     only through   their   own   private   practices, but    also    through    the    Association’s clinics     and     its     administration     of Lawyers    in    the    Library    programs.      Texas    Lawyers    who    pledge    a    high level   of   annual   pro   bono   commitment outside         their         practice,         are distinguished   with   the   below   badge. Such HLBA Area Attorneys include: Mike Lucksinger Mark E. McCary Alice Price Nina Willis